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Master Farsi with Engaging Video Lessons & Podcasts

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Have you ever dreamt of conversing in the beautiful and historic language of Farsi? Perhaps you’re planning a trip to Iran or simply fascinated by Persian culture. Whatever your motivation, LELB Society offers a dynamic solution: engaging video lessons to guide you on your Farsi-learning adventure.

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Why Video Lessons to learn Farsi?

Why learn Farsi or Persian with video lessons and full support at LELB Society?
  • Visual Learning Power: Our video lessons leverage the power of visual learning. By seeing pronunciations, cultural references, and grammar concepts come alive, you’ll retain information more effectively and feel more immersed in the language.
  • Learn at Your Pace: The beauty of video lessons lies in their flexibility. Pause, rewind, and re-watch sections as needed. This personalized approach ensures a deeper understanding at your own learning speed.
  • Variety is Key: LELB Society’s video library boasts a rich tapestry of content. From introductory greetings to storytelling and navigating everyday situations, you’ll find lessons that cater to your specific learning goals and interests.

Learn Farsi for Free with LELB Society on YouTube

Learn Farsi free with 400 premium Persian lessons and videos and our constant support in the comment forms
Learn Farsi online for free with 400 video-based lessons.

LELB Society’s YouTube channel, with over 3800 subscribers, offers a treasure trove of video lessons designed for non-native speakers. With nearly 500 lessons at your fingertips, you can embark on your Farsi learning journey entirely for free.

The channel caters to learners of all levels, from complete beginners to those looking to brush up on their grammar or vocabulary. Lessons are led by native Farsi teachers who are also fluent in English directed by Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl, ensuring clear explanations and effective communication. All these videos are embedded in corresponding Persian lessons to provide our students with both text and multimedia, including videos, podcasts, images, and interactive comment forms.

LELB Society’s approach goes beyond just video lectures. Many lessons incorporate multimedia elements to keep things engaging. You might find interactive quizzes, cultural insights, or even fun pronunciation exercises.

And the learning doesn’t stop at the video. The channel fosters a community feel. An interactive comment section allows you to ask questions and get personalized feedback from the teachers themselves. So, whether you’re a curious beginner or a dedicated student, LELB Society’s YouTube channel is a fantastic resource to learn Farsi at your own pace and completely free of charge.

Using videos in flipped learning

flipped classroom LELB Society
Flipping language classes at LELB Society with video-based lessons and lectures

Flipped learning flips the traditional classroom script. Instead of lectures dominating class time, students gain foundational knowledge by watching videos and lectures at home, often at their own pace. This frees up valuable classroom time for more engaging activities.

Videos and lectures become powerful tools in flipped learning. Well-crafted video lectures can explain complex topics clearly, while animations and demonstrations can bring concepts to life. This allows our Persian teachers and educators to use classroom time for deeper discussions, problem-solving exercises, and collaborative projects, fostering a more dynamic and effective learning environment in our educational website with WordPress.

Learn Farsi asynchronously with video-based lessons

Master Languages Online: Untethered Hybrid Learning through Online Classes and Asynchronous Learning
Online Persian classes + asynchronous learning = untethered hybrid Persian learning perfectly realized at LELB Society

Video lessons and asynchronous learning offer a compelling combination for language acquisition. Video lessons provide the visual and auditory input that’s crucial for learning and practicing Persian. Our native speakers demonstrating pronunciation and everyday scenarios make the Persian language come alive. Pausing, rewinding, and revisiting specific sections of video lessons cater to individual learning styles and allow students to grasp concepts at their own pace.

Learning on Your Time: How Asynchronous Learning Boosts Second Language Acquisition (SLA)
Experience top-notch asynchronous learning with embedded videos, lectures, podcasts, etc. at LELB Society, a bilingual academy of English and Persian administered by Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl.

Asynchronous learning, where lessons and activities aren’t tied to a specific schedule, has become a perfect complement. This flexibility allows Farsi learners to fit language practice into their busy lives. They can watch videos, complete exercises, and record themselves speaking whenever it works best for them. Additionally, asynchronous platforms installed on our Persian language learning app like discussion forums and interactive comments at the bottom of our Persian lessons enable learners to connect with others and practice conversation skills outside of class time, further solidifying their understanding. This combination of engaging video lessons and the freedom of asynchronous learning creates a powerful and accessible Farsi learning environment.

Leave voice messages and attach files on live chat
Exchange text and voice messages in Farsi all the time to practice writing and pronunciation based on asynchronous learning.

At LELB Society, our Farsi students can log in to their verified accounts and contact their tutors via the installed live chat. This live chat is only accessible to our registered students. With this live chat, we guide our Persian students with selecting appropriate Farsi lessons with videos to study on a daily or weekly basis. We assign Persian language resources to our students with regard to their proficiency levels, needs, interests, age groups, and even learning styles and preferences. It is as if your Farsi teacher is always ready to help you with any question you might have.

Beyond the Videos: A Well-Rounded Approach

Learner-centered Curriculum a recipe for humanistic learning written by Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl

While video lessons are a cornerstone of our program, LELB Society recognizes the value of a comprehensive learning experience. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Expert Guidance: Our team of qualified native-speaking instructors is dedicated to your success. Benefit from their expertise through video lessons and the ability to ask questions through our online Persian forums.
  • Interactive Learning: Don’t settle for passive learning! Our forums provide a platform to connect with fellow learners, practice conversation, and gain valuable insights from the LELB community.
  • Structured Learning Paths: Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to refine your existing skills, we offer categorized lessons that follow a structured path, ensuring a smooth and progressive learning journey.

Ready to Take the First Step?

LELB Society’s video lessons are more than just watching and memorizing. They’re an engaging gateway to unlocking the beauty and depth of the Farsi language. Explore our extensive library, connect with our supportive community, and embark on your path to Farsi fluency today! Additionally, you can join our online Farsi classes (private or group classes for all age groups). The first session alongside evaluation and consultation would be totally free for new Persian students.

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