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Persian Language Course Best Experience in Learning Farsi

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      Jade Johnson

      My educational experience in the Persian language course at LELB Society has been great. I can access hundreds of Persian language resources with videos and constant support from native Persian teachers. Aside from online Farsi classes and courses, I’m also able to continue learning Farsi nonstop through asynchronous learning by exchanging text and voice messages with my Farsi teacher and other classmates.

      More interestingly, when I get too busy and don’t have enough time to attend Persian courses at fixed times, I can easily shift to learning Farsi asynchronously based on flipped learning with unprecedented Persian lessons, podcasts, and videos.

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      It’s so wonderful to hear that our Farsi classes online have been satisfactory to you. We believe that for the following 2 reasons, our online Farsi courses are so unique and useful to our Persian students, including you:

      1. We do NOT necessarily teach Persian from books as static materials. Instead, in the first place, we are Persian content developers, so we basically teach from the Persian language resources we have been developing since 2017. As a result, we have maximum expertise in what we are teaching.
      2. Learning and practicing Farsi at LELB Society is NOT limited to online Farsi courses at fixed times. On the contrary, the main part of learning Farsi occurs asynchronously, namely in our Persian forums and discussion boards that support both text and voice messaging systems between Persian teachers and students worldwide on the basis of 400+ premium Persian lessons and categorized materials.
Viewing 1 reply thread
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