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Copious 1100 Words You Need Week 36 Day 3

Copious 1100 Words You Need Week 36 Day 3

Copious 1100 Words You Need Week 36 Day 3

/ˈkəʊ.pi.əs/ US /ˈkoʊ-/ (adj)

existing in large amounts or quantities, numerous, manifold, myriad, abundant, superabundant, plentiful, ample, profuse, lavish, fulsome, overflowing, in abundance, bountiful, bounteous

Question: Is it normal for a counsellor to write copious amounts of notes during sessions?

Answer (4) Normal is an interesting word for me because I have never known what it is… or more to the point… it seems what is normal to me is not necessarily normal to you. I sometimes take copious notes and sometimes take no notes. Often I find it is my nervousness or unsuredness (if that is a word) that dictates how I am in the room with a client and I do find myself endlessly note taking if I am confused. Strangely, putting the pen and pad down when I am confused seems to make things clearer for me. Something to do with “being with the client, in the moment” maybe. Although, if I am presented with a complicated scenario, lots of names, dates, times, places… I will endeavour to get that information down in the first few sessions. After that it will be a couple of words or points I want to raise without interrupting my client’s flow.

Source: https://www.goodtherapy.com.au/

Antonym: scant, scarce, nominal

Adverb: copiously

Noun: copiousness

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