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Covet 1100 Words You Need Week 36 Day 4

Covet 1100 Words You Need Week 36 Day 4

Covet 1100 Words You Need Week 36 Day 4

/ˈkʌv.ɪt/ (verb)

to desire something strongly particularly something that belongs to another person, envy, yearn for, crave, wish for, have one’s heart set on, long for, hunger for, thirst for, want, hanker

Once all of the items for sale were able to be touched and selected by the consumer, people started coveting more and therefore buying more. How many of us have done this very thing? We go to the store to buy something and end up buying other things we did not even know existed until we got to the store. We bring them home, pay for extra storage units to stow them away, and later throw them out because we had no need of them after all. Yes, we pay to take the item home, pay to store it, and then pay the sanitation workers to take the item to the dump. That’s the power of coveting.

Source: https://realfaith.com/

Adjective: covetous, covetable

Noun: covetousness, coveter

Adverb: covetously, covetingly

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