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Desperado 601 Words You Need to Know

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Desperado 601 Words You Need to Know

/ˌdes.pəˈrɑː.dəʊ/ (noun)


violent and bold criminal, outlaw, bandit, renegade, lawbreaker, villain, pirate, baddie, gangster


I’ve been thinking about how we deal with criminals or a gang of desperados.
First, at great expense we try to catch them. Then we feed those whom we do catch into a slow, expensive and complicated court system, and, eventually, we lock them in warehouse filled with vicious people in cages.
The taxpayer cost of crime (police, courts, prisons) is between $200 Billion and $250 Billion dollars per year. Of course, the cost to the victims in both dollars and human suffering is far greater.
As if a cost approaching a quarter of a TRILLION dollars per year wasn’t bad enough, caging criminals and desperados has proven ineffective in deterring them from committing further crimes.

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