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Detriment 1100 Words You Need Week 25 Day 3

Detriment 1100 Words You Need

Detriment 1100 Words You Need

/ˈdet.rɪ.mənt/ (noun)

Detriment definition

damage or harm, disadvantage, loss, injury, impairment


Part of the attraction of working for an SME is being more than just an employee number and being genuinely looked after by your employer. SMEs don’t take this role lightly either, especially as many are family-run businesses, and therefore are known to personally and financially support employees going through healthcare issues. Whether funding an employee’s physiotherapy or providing financial support to the family of an employee, SMEs take their duty of care very seriously – but often to the detriment of the business and their bank balance.



advantage, privilege

Parts of speech

Adjective: detrimental

Adverb: detrimentally

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