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Devour – English Flashcard for Devour with Synonyms

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Devour /dɪˈvaʊəʳ/ (verb)

to eat something hungrily – gulp down – consume – read and absorb something voraciously – destroy, raven, gobble:

Devour means to eat something eagerly, but it can be used in situations where there is a great keenness to do an activity. It also refers to situations where someone is filled with a strong feeling.

After swimming for 2 hours, Edgar devoured the sandwich quickly.

He devoured half of his burger in one bite.
Jack is devouring the magazine which he bought yesterday.
Don’t devour food because it harms your digestions in the stomach.

Smith reminded John about his diet while he was devouring a delicious dish.
We were devoured by reminiscent halcyon days that the news broadcast warned about a new coming inflation.

Noun: devourer

Adjective: devouring

Adverb: devouringly

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