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Dopamine As a Neurotransmitter | Success Journals

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Dopamine As a Neurotransmitter

Dopamine As a Neurotransmitter

  • This neurotransmitter is called the reward hormone
  • It is a neurotransmitter, that is a chemical released by neurons or nerve cells.
  • It is also called the hormone of desire, novelty and motivation because it regulates the level of interest and novelty in your brain.
  • People suffering from the Parkinson’s Disease lack enough dopamine, as a result, they have problems initiating any action due to lack of motivation to break the ice.
  • You need to have enough dopamine in your brain to be able to continue your important tasks and do not give up or slow down your trend in the middle of the process.
  • Cocaine increases dopamine tremendously. However, it is never a reliable method for increasing the volume of this neurotransmitter as cocaine is highly addictive and has devastating effects.
  • Dopamine controls the level of your expectations about yourself.

How to Increase the Dopamine Level?

  • With the purpose of augmenting the level of this vital neurotransmitter, you can do physical exercises regularly.
    • Create something artistic and tangible.
    • Increase Tyrosine, the protein as the building block of dopamine richly found in eggs, almond, yogurt, watermelon, coffee, chicken, beef, milk, green tea, bananas, almond, avocado, etc.
    • Listen to music.
    • Take some supplements, but if your doctor prescribes it.
    • Sleep enough and well.
  • Try to get organized. Use a to-do-list application on your smartphone. When you complete a task successfully and check it on your to-do-list, automatically the dopamine level in your body soars.
  • Lack of adequate dopamine could be the underlying cause of laziness and idleness, as it is the case in many people who complain about not having enough motivation or drive to get necessary things done.
  • It is important to note that dopamine is not directly related to the sense of pleasure, but actually about the anticipation of pleasure. The same thing is true about happiness. That is, this neurotransmitter is not responsible for generating happiness. Instead, it is all about the pursuit of happiness. In other words, it pushes you forward to do whatever you must to become happier.

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