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English Documentary on Chess with Transcript & Video

Last updated on December 22, 2022 by in English Documentaries with Transcript Category with 6 Comments on English Documentary on Chess with Transcript & Video, 76 Views and Reading Time: 5 minutes
English documentary on the history of chess with video and transcript to practice reading and listening comprehension and expand your vocabulary in context Source of documentary: TED-Ed YouTube Channel Listening comprehension Watch this video on YouTube Reading comprehension What is chess? The attacking infantry advances steadily. Their elephants already having broken the defensive line. The

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6 comments on “English Documentary on Chess with Transcript & Video”

  1. I really enjoyed this documentary because I like chess and remember that I played chess like 3 or 4 years ago and I was kinda good at this game. Chess it’s not a war and a game, I can say that this game is really unique.

  2. Chess has always seemed an interesting game to me. In our family, I am the only one who finds it interesting and has passion for it. So I am alone it this chase and I have to play online or practice with AL.

    • Thank you for your comment. However, I can see that Soroosh has shown much interest in chess in his comment.
      I am alone it this chase = Did you mean “I am alone in this case”?

    • I’m glad that this documentary has made you more interested in chess, which is a perfect strategic game with a special name with a Persian root, that is, Shah which means king.

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