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English Question about Close Friends for Discussion

Last updated on April 29, 2023 | 84 Views | Reading Time: 1 minute

English Question about Close Friends

English Question about Close Friends

If you were offered a much better job in another city and knew you would, over the years, drift away from your closest friends if you took it, would you go?

Please respond to this question in the interactive comment form below to have a detailed discussion over it and receive useful feedback.

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4 comments on “English Question about Close Friends for Discussion”

    • I have the same opinion, with this difference that I believe sometimes we can create job opportunities for others, as well. I mean becoming an entrepreneur is more difficult but, at the same time, more rewarding than being a job seeker.

  1. Yes, I would take the job. Because a better job means better salary and new experiences and going out off your comfort zone.
    And honestly I don’t wanna lose the chance of improving just because of the fear of losing contact with my friends. And I don’t really worry about it. For that in a new place I can find new friends and still be in contact with my old ones.

    • That’s a wise choice to make, and it proves that you’re ready to change for the better, and you have enough motivation to trigger any positive changes.
      * Collocationally speaking, it’s better to say / write a higher / larger salary.
      * Go out off one’s comfort zone = get out of / step out of one’s comfort zone


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