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English Vocabulary about Time with Podcast

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English Vocabulary about Time

English Vocabulary about Time

Ad hoc (adj & adv)

Ad hoc committees are essential in the face of calamities.

We should consider ad hoc solutions in case of emergency situation.

Carpe diem (noun)

Carpe diem is not that applicable to underdeveloped countries owing to lack of guarantees.

Carpe diem is what that is so evident in the patients who suffer from cancer.

Chronological (adj)

We must arrange dossiers in chronological order.

I believe that chronological age does not matter. There exist many youngsters who seem old.

The record of evidence must contain time in order to enable us to sort them out chronologically.

Concomitant (adj)

Success is concomitant of hard work, and not daydreaming.

The concomitant sufferings of raising / starting a family should not be overlooked.

Dither (verb)

be indecisive, hesitate, oscillate, falter

After months of dithering over the decision on leaving the country, the artist booked a flight to France.

I always dither over eating fast food.

His resume tells us that he was dithering over finding his favorite major in university.

Enduring (adj)

The enduring misery of poverty is so thought-provoking.

Love can be a guarantee for an enduring marriage.

Ephemeral (adj)

lasting for a short period of time, transient, short-lived, temporal

The rush of her ephemeral emotions was so intense that few people around her could deal with it.

The ephemeral joys of life

The popularity of most of the pseudo-singers is short-lived and ephemeral.

Evanescent (adj)

The stink of gasoline is evanescent. Then don’t worry.

Hectic (adj)

A hectic lifestyle does not let me take some exercise.

When the projects deadline is getting close, everybody in the office is getting more and more hectic.

Impromptu (adj)

Delivering an impromptu speech often ends up with some misunderstanding.

I believe that impromptu jokes are the funniest ones.

Intermittent (adj)

You cannot become as fit as a fiddle by doing intermittent exercise.

Intermittent learning is time-consuming without any significant result.

Reiterate (verb)

At the end of every meeting, the gist of each discussion should be reiterated.

Reiteration is a useful technique to ensure that your intention is delivered thoroughly.


Temporal symptoms of cancer should be taken seriously.

Temporal decisions which fit special situations must be reconsidered as soon as the ordinary situation is established again.

Vacillate (verb)

be indecisive in making a choice, waver, chop and change

Sara was vacillating between going abroad and finding a job after graduation.

I always vacillate between leaving voice and text comments, but most of the time, text comments win the contest.

Waver (verb)

Ditherers always waver between different choices.

Judges do not announce the verdict when they waver in the adequacy of evidence or witnesses.

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