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Ferment 1100 Words You Need Week 31 Day 4

Ferment 1100 Words You Need

Ferment 1100 Words You Need Week 31 Day 4 with authentic materials and examples, synonyms, antonyms, illustrated flashcards and text-to-speech for GRE, TOEFL & IELTS

/ˈfɜː.ment/ (noun & verb)

a condition of confusion, disorder and change, turmoil, turmoil, uproar, excitement, commotion, upheaval, turbulence, agitation, mayhem, unrest, to change chemically, subject to or undergo fermentation, stir up, agitate, inflame, cause, provoke, incite

Any yardfarmer growing lots of veggies, or who keeps milk producing animals is certainly going to want to get familiar with fermentation. The good news is that this ancient culinary craft is bubbling up once again. Revived in workshops and community kitchens, fermentation has become one of the many “reskilling” projects taking place in grassroots cultures from Europe to the United States in response to economic and environmental drivers.

Source: https://www.resilience.org/

Antonyms: peace

Noun: fermentation

Adjective: fermentative, fermentable

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