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Generating Electricity IELTS Writing Task 1

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Generating Electricity IELTS Writing Task 1 Generating Electricity IELTS Writing Task 1 Source of Visual Data: www.ieltsessentials.com Instructions: The diagrams below show the process of generating electricity from wave power. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. LELB Society’s Student: Mohsen The two pictures((diagrams)) demonstrates((demonstrate)) new energy system((a new

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1 thought on “Generating Electricity IELTS Writing Task 1”

  1. The two pictures demonstrates new energy system and process of generating electricity from wave power .
    System structure for producting electricity from wave power contains chamber , turbine , cliff , electricity , air and sea wave .
    The picture a indicates when the sea wave hits the sea wall and this time input air flow become to rotation turbine blade after ward mechanical energy change to electrical energy .
    In picture b display when the sea wave recedes the cliff and like wise air flow continuous between turbine blade .
    There was considerable production rule of sea wave.
    To conclude , new energy system include ( solar energy , wave power energy , wind energy
    In addition , new energy system is better than process of generating electricity from fossil fuels
    (oil , gas , coal , etc )
    This energy called green energy

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