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Get the Sack 1100 Words You Need Week 31 Day 4

Get the Sack 1100 Words You Need

Get the Sack 1100 Words You Need Week 31 Day 4 with authentic materials and examples, synonyms, antonyms, illustrated flashcards and text-to-speech for GRE, TOEFL & IELTS

to be discharged or fired, be dismissed, lose your job, get the ax

Here’s the thing to remember: Why your boss was relieved of her post has nothing to do with you. If it did, you would’ve got the sack right along with her, right? Is it possible your boss’s firing is an omen for things to come? Of course it is. But even if your company is cleaning house, the last thing you want is for the higher-ups to see you as a nervous wreck. And if it turns out to be an isolated incident, your fretting could damage your reputation with the existing management, not to mention your new boss.

As you probably already know, comments have a way of making the rounds in (and out of) the office, and they will eventually find their way to someone important. You may not think the CEO cares how a junior employee felt about the person she just got the sack, but you’re probably wrong. Chances are, that decision wasn’t easy—even if your boss deserved it—and reducing the event to office gossip implies you aren’t taking the situation as seriously as she did. Big mistake. You want the remaining management to notice you, but you don’t want it to be for your prolific gossiping.

Source: https://www.themuse.com/

Antonym: find a job, get employed

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