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IELTS Essay on Education with Full Essay + Analysis

Last updated on April 28, 2022 by in IELTS Essay Writing Practice Category with 7 Comments on IELTS Essay on Education with Full Essay + Analysis, 55 Views and Reading Time: 5 minutes
IELTS essay on education with complete essay and essay question submitted to us for in-depth evaluation and scoring by our members. Prepare yourself for the IELTS exam, especially essay writing. IELTS essay question on education Some pedagogues argue that traditional education in physical classes will not be replaced by online education. However, according to some

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7 comments on “IELTS Essay on Education with Full Essay + Analysis”

  1. I think that technical and complicated subjects such as Mathematics, Physics , chemistry, should be taught in traditional ways. It is better for children to learn this subjects in school classes. In this way both teachers and students can communicate and share their ideas, and students can more easily and faster ask their questions, and it would be more simple for children to know what is their problem and can easily resolve them. Subjects as History, Dini ( In religious schools) students can easily learn them from long distance, because the does not need much extra explanation and formulaic figures.
    with this speed of technology growth , I am able to guess that not in very far future, children can be both present at the class and sit on their chair in their homes.
    There is a new technology coming , named as Portal Technology. By using this we can be present in many places, we can be in our home, sitting on a couch, and drinking a cup of tea with our family in another city and talk to them.
    This can be very helpful for the kids too.
    the can both see each other, talk, share ideas and laugh , and be in their own bedrooms.
    No time wasting in traffic jams; we are going to have the best of both worlds. ( Armaghan)

    Time spend: 25 minuets

    • Thank you for submitting a separate essay. As mentioned before, I can only analyze one essay per week because I need to publish a NEW post for only one unique essay. Two essays in one post with different evaluation is not possible.
      So, I will analyze your essay over the next week.

  2. The ongoing pace of modern technology puts behind many old traditions and ways of life. The old and traditional methods even couldn’t cope or keep pace with everyday progress in new technologies. This claim is even true in the field of education.
    Our insight of new methods of education has changed more since the outbreak of Covid 19. The distance and online learning became a must since closure of schools and universities resulting from social distancing of covid 19. We all know that traditional classes have many advantages e.g. the children become more sociable and eye to eye learning bring more friendship both among classmates and between students and teachers. On the other hand traditional education has it’s own disadvantages. Students, teachers and all staffs of these institutes spend much time in traffics each day going there and always there is a limitation in choosing teachers and method of learning.Online learning methods don’t have such restrictions. You can choose any classes with the best teachers you like from different parts of world.We can save time and money , make progress and achieve our goals in in this way .
    To sum up my discussion considering the pros and cons of both methods I think the combination of online education methods with the traditional classes get the best result.

    • Some points to consider:
      1. Please mention the amount of time you spend on each essay to make a more accurate assessment.
      2. It’s not obligatory to compose an essay per week. If you think I’m overloading you, just tell me about it.
      3. I highly recommend you pay more attention to the round table activity. This way, you can practice writing and speaking in the most natural way.

  3. For a more precise assessment, please mention the amount of time you spend on the essay. As stated before, the maximum amount of time for an IELTS essay Task 2 is 40 minutes.
    Besides, each one of you could write their own paragraphs in separate comments and with their own accounts. (optional)

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