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Tradition 1100 Words You Need Week 24 Day 4

Tradition 1100 Words You Need

Tradition 1100 Words You Need

/trəˈdɪʃ.ən/ (noun)

a particular belief, principle or way of life shared by the people in a group or society, convention, custom, ritual, habit, folklore

Cultural heritage is the legacy of physical artefacts and intangible attributes of a group or society that are inherited from past generations, maintained in the present and bestowed for the benefit of future generations. Cultural heritage includes tangible culture (such as buildings, monuments, landscapes, books, works of art, and artefacts). It also includes intangible culture traditions or living expressions inherited from our ancestors and passed on to our descendants, such as oral traditions, performing arts, social practices, rituals, festive events, knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe or the knowledge and skills to produce traditional crafts intangible culture (such as folklore, traditions, language, and knowledge), and natural heritage (including culturally significant landscapes, and biodiversity). Whatever shape they take, these things form part of a heritage, and this heritage requires active effort on our part in order to safeguard it.

Source: http://amf.net.au/

Antonym: innovation

Adjective: traditional

Adverb: traditionally

Noun: traditionalism, traditionalist

Farsi: رسم، سنت، عقیده

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