IELTS Essay on Global Language with Scoring & Analysis

IELTS essay on global language with full essay, scoring and analysis, submitted to us by our students. Join LELB Society’s students and members and send us your essays for comprehensive analysis. IELTS essay question on global language Some linguists predict that the majority of people in the future will tend to speak one single global

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  1. Some sophisticated interpreters and linguistics have assumed that if we are willing to have a higher quality of communication with people around the world, having a global language would be necessary. Many people including me, agree with this assumption and encourage experts to work on that.

    The primary reason why I believe global language is a beneficial idea is that if all people worldwide speak and write in the same language, then there would be no concern about misunderstanding or being self-conscious about not being able to communicate. Moreover, for students or workers who are thinking about continuing their career and studies abroad, language degrees or having a certain level of fluency of a
    required language wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

    Having more sympathy and a better comprehension of different cultures is another reason why global language can be extremely helpful. Also, speaking and negotiating with local people from a totally different geographical locations in the same language can bring us new beneficial and qualified information. Therefore, it would be much easier to open our eyes to a new perspective and altitude.

    In addition, having a global language someday is good news for book lovers and cinephiles. To watch a movie or series with acquaintances and friends without the need of subtitles is a blessing for international movie lovers. So is that with the book and novel readers; there would be no more waiting for your favorite bestseller novel to translate and publish. Consequently, it would be useful for writers too, because their numbers of readers and fans would increase as well and they can have a higher income.

    To be able to communicate and speak in a global language someday in the near or distant future has always been a dream of many people worldwide. Therefore, many scientists since many years ago until this very day have tried to invent a simple grammatical and phonetic language to bring this dream into reality.

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