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IELTS Essay on Role of Education with Analysis & Scoring

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IELTS essay on role of education at school with a complete essay written and submitted to us by LELB Society’s students. Join our online academy and send us your essays for thorough analysis and scoring. Watch this video on essay on role of education Watch this video on YouTube IELTS essay question on role of

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2 comments on “IELTS Essay on Role of Education with Analysis & Scoring”

  1. It is apparent to almost every person on this planet that education and going to school have a great impact on children’s future. Moreover, in the 21st century jobs such as medicine and engineering have usually more income. Therefore, some people assume these subjects are more valued and subjects such as music and art should be less involved in students’ curriculums which I don’t entirely agree with.

    Firstly it is evident that subjects such as mathematics and physics are necessary to sustain life and they prepare children for having a better job but that is not all of the case. If all of the curricula of students consist of theoretical matters, they will become tired very soon and their brain stops functioning properly. Furthermore, this theoretical system of schools is one of the reasons that children find school so frustrating and boring. More into that, mathematics, comparisons, and rough estimates are guided by the left hemisphere of the brain. However, the right half of the brain is responsible for creativity, art, and intuition. As a result, the children’s schedule must contain both of these matters to state a balance in students’ minds and souls. This would certainly have an impact on their mental status too, for that music and art can bring kids together and helps them create something and free their minds and attention of all those regulations.

    Secondly, studies show that we have 9 types of intelligence and we cannot expect that all humans be talented in math and biology. Some kids show great passion and talent for music and painting or acting. In addition, this program to conclude art in students’ study plan can come truly handy to help students find their natural talent and passion and help them find a reason to enjoy life more.

    Overall we cannot hide the fact that the world and living are just all about medicine and mathematics and all children must continue their education in that fields. A school system containing art and music will help children enjoy school more and it activates the right half of their brain as well. That is why it is important that we consider the fact that art and music are essentials in children’s lives and should be a part of their curriculum.

    Time spent on writing: 40 minutes.

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