Effect of Music on Mind Presentation in English

Effect of music on mind presentation in English given by LELB Society students and members to practice speaking. Join LELB Society students and members and give unlimited presentations or lectures in English. We will analyze your presentations and give you feedback. Effect of music on mind presentation Reading practice on effect of music on mind … Read more

English Presentation on Emotional Intelligence + Reading

English presentation on emotional intelligence compared with IQ with reading comprehension to practice your listening, reading and speaking abilities. Join LELB Society’s students and members and give presentations in English and Persian for immediate thorough feedback. English presentation on emotional intelligence Reading practice on emotional intelligence What is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence (EI) is the … Read more

IELTS Essay on Final Examinations for Band 5.5

IELTS Essay on Final Examinations Topic Some educators maintain that final examinations should be replaced with continuous assessment during the term to assess students’ genuine competence.To what extent do you concur with this point of view? There are different methods of assessing students during the term. Two of the most controversial ideas are final examination versus continuous assessment during the term. In my opinion each of them has … Read more

Intelligence IELTS Listening Reading Practice

Intelligence IELTS Listening Reading Practice Intelligence IELTS Listening Reading Practice Lecturer, author or publisher: Bright Side Intelligence IELTS Reading Practice 10 reasons why it’s hard for a smart person to be happy Number 1: They tend to over-analyze things. Do you often find yourself thinking deeply about the details of your past? Well, people with a high IQ, … Read more

IELTS Listening Practice Think Big in Life

IELTS Listening Practice Think Big IELTS Listening Practice Think Big About this activity This activity is labeled round table by Dr. Hariri, the creator and administrator of LELB Society. This activity is on the premise of Flipped Learning, according to which the students watch a video before the class, carry out research into the selected theme, and prepare themselves for an informed discussion in the class. This activity is on … Read more

English Negotiation | IQ Level & Behavior

English Negotiation | IQ Level English Negotiation | IQ Level Topic for Negotiation: A high level of IQ is absolutely essential for happiness. Arash disagrees.  Dr. Hariri agrees. About Negotiation of Meaning: Negotiation of meaning is a useful and practical activity based on skill integration to practice the 4 skills naturally. In this activity, you … Read more

Cognitive Development | TESL Issues

Cognitive Development Cognitive Development was proposed by Piaget (1896-1980), a Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget offered an essentially rationalist perspective, documenting the insufficiency of an empiricist interpretation of experience (Piaget, 1980, p. 23). Sensory Motor Stage: Piaget’s theory is based on learners passing through a series of stages. For the young infant, the most important way … Read more