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IELTS Essay on Final Examinations for Band 5.5

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IELTS Essay on Final Examinations

IELTS Essay on Final Examinations


Some educators maintain that final examinations should be replaced with continuous assessment during the term to assess students’ genuine competence.
To what extent do you concur with this point of view?

There are different methods of assessing students during the term. Two of the most controversial ideas are final examination versus continuous assessment during the term. In my opinion each of them has pros and cons based on the circumstances and the aptitude they evaluate.

At first glance, I want to elaborate the decent traits that the educators are supposed to evaluate them. Intelligence is one the most important traits of each pupil. How the learner could perceive, grasp and fully comprehend the lesson they are taught. A higher level of cleverness become apparent when it comes to extend and implement the grasped knowledge into further application. Also using creativity and innovation in any level is a beneficial merit undoubtedly.

On the other hand, There is a trait which deals with tight deadline and how managing to thrive on a strict situation. Unlike the first group, these students are not interested in deep perception of the lessons and try to exploit the most out of it to pass the exam.

Following the above explanations and considering the fact that most of students necessarily do not have both aptitudes simultaneously, I deduce that the first group would succeed in scoring the continuous assessment while the second group would cope well with the final examination. Therefore, If we embrace the proposed concept, the debatable question turned into, which aptitude is more valuable to score. Although, there is another category of ungifted students who put their effort persistently into learning, that may show great achievement in either of examination based on their capabilities.


  • Analysis:
    • Your concluding paragraph is too long, yet not conclusive.
    • You have so many grammar mistakes.
  • Cohesion and Cohesion (16% of 25%)
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy (16% of 25%)
  • Lexical Resources (19% of 25%)
  • Task Achievement (14% of 25%)
  • Word Count: “258” Great! 

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