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Effect of Music on Mind Presentation in English

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Effect of music on mind presentation in English given by LELB Society students and members to practice speaking. Join LELB Society students and members and give unlimited presentations or lectures in English. We will analyze your presentations and give you feedback.

Effect of music on mind presentation

Reading practice on effect of music on mind

How music affects your brain

Calliope a musical term in English in real context

If you want to firm up your body, head to the gym. If you want to exercise your brain, listen to music.

There are few things that stimulate the brain the way music does. If you want to keep your brain engaged throughout the aging process, listening to or playing music is a great tool. It provides a total brain workout.

Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory.

Source: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/

Music and intelligence

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In a six-month study coordinated by DIYS.com, the world’s largest DIY community, 4,694 volunteers chose a new hobby to take up during coronavirus lockdown. Among the chosen hobbies were knitting, exercising and learning an instrument.

The volunteers then took an IQ test, before being grouped according to their chosen activity. After six months, they were retested, and researchers indexed and averaged their scores.

The highest IQ increase came from the music-makers, averaging a score increase of 9.71 percent.

Before they took up an instrument, the new musicians’ average IQ score was 103. When they were tested again, six months later, it had increased to 113.

Source: https://www.classicfm.com/

Music can improve memory

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Music also has a positive effect on your ability to memorize. In one studyTrusted Source, researchers gave people tasks that required them to read and then recall short lists of words. Those who were listening to classical music outperformed those who worked in silence or with white noise.

The same study tracked how fast people could perform simple processing tasks — matching numbers to geometrical shapes — and a similar benefit showed up. Mozart helped people complete the task faster and more accurately.

Mayo Clinic points out that while music doesn’t reverse the memory loss experienced by people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, music has been found to slow cognitive decline, helping people with mild or moderate dementia remember episodes from their lives.

Source: https://www.healthline.com/

Music can help you sleep better

Sleep fast and peacefully

Insomnia is a serious problem that affects people of all age groups. While there are many approaches to treating this problem, research has demonstrated that listening to relaxing classical music can be a safe, effective, and affordable remedy.​

In a study looking at college students, participants listened to classical music, an audiobook, or nothing at all at bedtime for three weeks. Researchers assessed sleep quality both before and after the intervention. The study found that participants who had listened to music had significantly better sleep quality than those who had listened to the audiobook or received no intervention.

Source: https://www.verywellmind.com/

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