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English Vocabulary about Aging with Flashcards

English Vocabulary about Aging

English Vocabulary about Aging

A chip off the old block

Jacob takes after his father. In fact, he is a chip off the old block.


the age-old issue of racial discrimination


It will take many years to modernize these antiquated industries.

Compared with modern satellite dishes, ordinary TV aerials look positively antiquated.


an archaic law/rule/language


Most of the buildings were old and decrepit.

A decrepit old man sat on a park bench.


a doddering old man


How can the Trade Department be revived from its present moribund state?


Mobile phone technology is developing so quickly that many customers are concerned about obsolescence.


Gas lamps became obsolete when electric lighting was invented.


Although he’s an octogenarian, he’s still really active and intelligent.


These audio cassettes seem too passé compared to state-of-the-art USB drives.


A precocious child, she went to university at the age of 15.

She recorded her first CD at the precocious age of 12.


He spent many years caring for his senile mother.

I’m always losing my keys these days. I think I must be going senile.

Trophy wife

Look at the old man and his precious trophy wife.

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  1. We are so precarious about keeping up with new developments of era of modernism, while many of our thoughts and beliefs are obsolete and archaic.


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