All-in-one Class 30: Racism


Racism – IELTS Speaking Practice 

Racism – IELTS Speaking practice

  • Key Words: racial discrimination, racialism, etc.
  • Study the questions below on the current topic and listen to their corresponding podcast.

Round Table:

  1. How do you think the victims of racial discrimination feel? (Taraneh)
  2. How can you tolerate racial discrimination about yourself if you experience it? (Leila)
  3. How would you explain racial bigotry to your child? (Sam)
  4. How influential are countries’ governments in terms of the mitigation of racial discrimination in all over the world? (Sasan)
  5. How we can prevent racial injustice? (Sima)
  6. What specific perspectives or attitudes may lead you to becoming rather racially discriminatory toward others of different ethnic backgrounds? (Hossein Hariri)
  7. How can we eradicate the problems with regard to racial injustice?


  • To Question 1 by Hossein Hariri: Children are not mature enough to understand the bitter side of racism.
  • To Question 4 by Hossein Hariri: all over / throughout the world, you should omit ‘in’.
  • To Question 5 by Hossein Hariri: So good to see you as a registered member, as you used to leave comments as a guest.
    I’m afraid your question does not comply with an interrogative form, i.e. question form or inversion.
    It must be worded as: How can we prevent racism?
    Do you really think racism could be prevented by any chance?

Relevant Idioms, Expressions and Quotations:

Read with Your Ears:

  • Lecturer: Daniel Pink
  • Audio File Name: A Whole New Mind

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