Final Examinations | An IELTS Essay Sample

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| An IELTS Essay Sample

Final Examinations | An IELTS Essay Sample

? Topic: Some scholars and educationists maintain that final examinations must be replaced with to encourage the students to be active during the term. Some others believe that final examinations are the best way to evaluate the students’ competency. Write an on this topic and give reasons to support your claim.

Today, one of the challenges facing schools is growing diversity of the students and their needs. Therefore, testing is to student proficiency and their learning. For this purpose, on the one hand some scholars believe that final examinations are the best way to evaluate the student`s knowledge of the subject, , some others prefer to examine students continuously over the duration of their education. In what follows we investigate both ways.

To shore up the idea that continuous evaluation is better than focusing on final examinations, it is implausible to judge students as per only one examination in the whole semester. Because psychologically speaking, many reasons could bring about a situation in which students are at their best. For instance, imagine a pupil who gets a cold on the examination day and as a result, they cannot do their best. In so doing, the accuracy of the assessment gets on the verge of doubt. Hence, final examinations are not necessarily a true measure of a student’s abilities.

Moreover, examinations can be unfair in several ways. For example, a candidate’s entire career depends upon what he or she does on a certain day and hour of an exam. If the candidate is in poor condition, or if he or she has had some , these factors could the student’s exam results. Furthermore, some students do not perform well under pressure and require more time to reach useful conclusions. they may have studied and know the , their performance does not reflect their ability.

On the other hand, the requirement of having final examination which is a kind of could not be denied. At the end of each , both students and teachers need to gain some information about the .They need to assess whether the whole would be enough to meet their stated goals. , final examination is an impressive tool in evaluation.

Following the analysis of formative and , this has been proven that the former evaluation’s advantages is noticeably prominent. This is highly recommended by many educationists in every society in order to rise students’ competency during the courses or even in their later life. It is therefore expected that continuous assessment will encourage students to recognise their own .

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