IELTS Listening Practice Handedness

IELTS Listening Practice Handedness IELTS Listening Practice Handedness About this activity This activity is labeled round table by Dr. Hariri, the creator and administrator of LELB Society. This activity is on the premise of Flipped Learning, according to which the students watch a video before the class, carry out research into the selected theme, and prepare themselves for an informed discussion in the class. This activity is on the basis … Read more

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  1. Most devices have made for right-handed people, by contrast, since, left-handed people who cover the minority of the population, inevitably utilize right-handed devices. Since the minority of the population comes from left-handed, when we see a shop or a device has built for left-handed people, most of right-handed are being curious and interesting having or testing those unique occurs. On the other hand, we see 50% of the Baseballists are left-handed, apart from the 4% of the top golf player, do you think left-handed people should take into account the advantages of their situation to create some new jobs for only those who are left-handed? Or, they may have the ability being left-handed which working on right-handed device!

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