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IELTS Speaking Test Sample 16 | IELTS Interview

Speaking Test Sample 16

16 with a podcast

IELTS Candidate: Arash

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Part 1: Introduction

  • Get ready to answer some personal questions about yourself.
  • Please note that the entire interview is recorded.
  • This is a dialogue or two-way conversation between you and the examiner.
  • Time: 4 to 5 Minutes


  1. You know, there is another standardized English test, i.e. TOEFL. Why did you prefer IELTS to TOEFL?
  2. So, have you prepared yourself for the exam? I mean the IELTS exam?
  3. Are you studying hard enough?
  4. Did you take any IELTS Mock exam?
  5. Do you study a lot? Are you a ?
  6. What is your favorite genre of books?
  7. How about ? Which one do you study more, paper books or ? Why?
  8. What was the title of the last book you read?
  9. What do you generally do in your spare time?
  10. Are you a professional pianist?

✅ Examiner’s Notes

  1. … the university said me ➡ … said to me
  2. scientifics books ➡ scientific books
  3. I also enjoy about business … ➡ I also enjoy business …

? Part 2:

  • You have 1 minute to consider the prompts or questions in the cue card or below.
  • After preparing your answers, then you have 2 minutes to answer the questions.

Topic Card:

Describe an amazing or you have seen.
You should say:
  • Where exactly it was
  • When exactly you saw that
  • Why you liked it so much
  • How you were informed about it

✅ Examiner’s Notes

  1. One of my friends that I met (omit ‘him’)
  2. This square is the most great places ➡ … is the greatest place in the world
  3. … a place that I’ve been seen ➡ … that I have seen
  4. By corch, you meant ‘church’
  5. Some cultural events are organized there.
  6. Poland government ➡ polish government
  7. Many peoples come that ➡ many people go there or visit there
  8. You were rather disorganized and puzzled, especially in the middle of your monologue.

Part 3: Details Discussion

  • Answer some follow-up questions generally about the topic card asked by the examiner.
  • You should be ready to talk about more abstract ideas and issues.
  • Your fluency, accuracy (grammar knowledge) and logic will be closely assessed.
  • It is not a monologue. Instead, it is a two-way conversation between you and the examiner.
  • Time: 4 to 5 minutes


  1. What kind of a trip do you like?
  2. How often do you go on a trip?
  3. When you plan to go on a trip, which one do you prefer, urban places or rural place?
  4. Do you think we, humans, are preserving nature effectively?
  5. How can we ?
  6. Do you think that is a humans and ?

✅ Examiner’s Notes

  1. I had to go in Germany ➡ I had to go to Germany
  2. Your answer to my question about nature preservation by humans is not clear in the interview.

IELTS Speaking Test Sample 16

IELTS Speaking Test Sample 16

IELTS Speaking Test Sample 16

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