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IELTS Speaking Test Sample 17 with a podcast

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Part 1: Introduction

  • Get ready to answer some personal questions about yourself.
  • Please note that the entire interview is recorded.
  • This is a dialogue or two-way conversation between you and the examiner.
  • Time: 4 to 5 Minutes


  1. You are preparing yourself for the IELTS exam. How is learning English related to your future vocation?
  2. Do you generally practice English in group or individually?
  3. Why? Don’t you have any friends to practice English with? Do you prefer to practice English individually?
  4. Is it because of being introverted?
  5. What is the role of technology in practicing English?
  6. So, when you take online courses, it’s clear that you must use technology to practice English. Right?
  7. Are you satisfied with your e-courses?

✅ Examiner’s Notes

  1. It completely related to my career ➡ it’s completely related to my career
  2. That I learned English language ➡ … the English language
  3. I speak with them in English ➡ I speak English with them
  4. I completely satisfy ➡ I’m completely satisfied

? Part 2: Cue Card

  • You have 1 minute to consider the prompts or questions in the cue card or topic card below.
  • After preparing your answers, then you have 2 minutes to answer the questions.

Topic Card:

Describe your best friend.
You should say:
  • How you got to know him/her
  • How long you have been in touch
  • Why you have chosen him/her as your best friend
  • How often you see him/her

✅ Examiner’s Notes

  1. We met him in Malaysia ➡ I met him in Malaysia
  2. We are best friend ➡ we are best friends
  3. We meet each other in every 3 months ➡ we meet each other every 3 months
  4. We will try to meet each other as we can ➡ … as frequently as possible / as much as possible
  5. You answered all of the questions. Good!

Part 3: Details Discussion

  • Answer some follow-up questions generally about the topic card asked by the examiner.
  • You should be ready to talk about more abstract ideas and issues.
  • Your fluency, accuracy (grammar knowledge) and logic will be closely assessed.
  • It is not a monologue. Instead, it is a two-way conversation between you and the examiner.
  • Time: 4 to 5 minutes


  1. Can a person be completely lonely (without any friend), and happy?
  2. How much are you willing to make for your friends?
  3. Do you have so many friends?
  4. What about the majority of your friends? Are they more or less introverted or extroverted?
  5. So, , ha?
  6. Do you agree with this English proverb, “”?
  7. Do we have any ?
  8. When you do a favor to your friend, do you have this expectation of him/her to do the same thing to you in return?

✅ Examiner’s Notes

  1. I have to help each other ➡ we have to help each other
  2. Mohammad, which is my best friend ➡ Mohammad, who / that is my best friend
  3. is like a two ways road ➡ … like a two-sided road
  4. You are expect to see something ➡ you expect to see something
  5. Pronunciation of percent ➡ the stress is on the second syllable

IELTS Speaking Test Sample 17

IELTS Speaking Test Sample 17

IELTS Speaking Test Sample 17

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