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IELTS Speaking Test Sample 18 with a podcast

? IELTS Candidate: Arash

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Part 1: Introduction

  • Get ready to answer some personal questions about yourself.
  • Please note that the entire interview is recorded.
  • This is a dialogue or two-way conversation between you and the examiner.
  • Time: 4 to 5 Minutes


  1. So your name is Arash, right?
  2. What are you doing these days?
  3. Are you a student, an employee?
  4. Have you already specified your major?
  5. Are programming and graphic design related to each other?
  6. Do you live alone, or you live with your family?
  7. So, your father does not live with you?
  8. So you don’t need to do all the chores or drudgery at home by yourself, right?
  9. It’s summer time. Do you plan to go on a vacation?
  10. Have you registered for your university courses in the first term?
  11. Do you need to prepare yourself for your courses at the university?

✅ Examiner’s Notes

  1. Mispronunciations:
    1. Prepare: Stress is on the second syllable.
    2. Development: Stress is on the second syllable.
  2. My major is Application Development ➡ My major is going to be Application Development because you are not a university student yet.
  3. My course will starts ➡ my courses / studies will start

? Part 2: Cue Card

  • You have 1 minute to consider the prompts or questions in the cue card or topic card below.
  • After preparing your answers, then you have 2 minutes to answer the questions.

Topic Card:

Describe a joyful and that occurred to you.
You should say:
  • When exactly it happened
  • What was so special about it
  • Whether you expected it to happen
  • How you reacted to it

✅ Examiner’s Notes

  1. Mispronunciations:
    1. Birthday: /ˈbɜːθ.deɪ/ US /ˈbɝːθ-/
  2. … which is city that I’m living right now ➡ … which is the city that I’m living in right now
  3. Birthday ceremony ➡ birthday celebration
  4. It was really meant to me ➡ it meant so much to me
  5. I appreciate that ➡ I appreciated that
  6. Such a good friends ➡ such good friends
  7. They gave me some gifts that I really liked them ➡ they gave me some gifts that I really liked

Part 3: Details Discussion

  • Answer some follow-up questions generally about the topic card asked by the examiner.
  • You should be ready to talk about more abstract ideas and issues.
  • Your fluency, accuracy (grammar knowledge) and logic will be closely assessed.
  • It is not a monologue. Instead, it is a two-way conversation between you and the examiner.
  • Time: 4 to 5 minutes


  1. Do you know the distinction between being reactive and in life?
  2. How do you try to manage and handle crises that might happen to you in life?
  3. Do you ever try to consult other people in the face of problems?
  4. What about others, do you consult, for example, your friends, too?
  5. Do you have any sister or brother?
  6. Do you believe that problems can make us stronger?
  7. Do you think that planning your future can help you to deal with your problems as a reactive person?

✅ Examiner’s Notes

  1. Mispronunciations:
    1. Occur
    2. However: stress on the 2nd syllable
  2. I’m not predict ➡ I don’t predict
  3. At the first moment ➡ at first / at the start / first and foremost
  4. I don’t want to bother others persons ➡ … other people
  5. It can make us more stronger ➡ they (problems) can make us stronger
  6. You are experienced ➡ you become experienced / you gain experience
  7. Near to my goals ➡ near my goals
  8. I cannot expect what happen to me in the future ➡ … what will happen to me in the future

IELTS Speaking Test Sample 18

IELTS Speaking Test Sample 18

IELTS Speaking Test Sample 18

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