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IELTS – TOEFL Preparation Course | Session 3

Last updated on April 3, 2021 by in IELTS Essay Writing Practice Category with 29 Comments on IELTS – TOEFL Preparation Course | Session 3, 48 Views and Reading Time: 2 minutes
IELTS – TOEFL Preparation Course | Session 3 Writing Task Topic: Many people believe that women make better parents than men and that is why they have the greater role in raising children in most societies. Others claim that men are just as good as women at parenting. Each paragraph contains approximately 70 words. Reasoning

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29 comments on “IELTS – TOEFL Preparation Course | Session 3”

  1. On the contrary, many believe that males are better parents than their counterparts by resorting to the sheer fact that men supply family financially. Although in modern societies this role has been vanished by the introduction of both gender and income equality, having single breadwinner for the family eloquently can be observed in under development communities. Despite the role of mothers, it, thus, is asserted that men are the most dominant parent as they support the family economically.

    • 1. Such an appropriate conjunction in this context! (on the contrary)
      2. “men supply family” :arrow: the family or families
      3. underdeveloped
      4. this role has vanished (intransitive verb)
      5. the more dominant parent (comparative adjective)

  2. In fact, there is no room for doubt that females are more emotional than their counterparts. This, consequently, asserts their role when it comes to select the most diligent parent in terms of child rearing. In other words, the realm of families is replete with stories about mothers devoted their lives to not only their children but also others lives. Mother Teresa, an Italian saint who recently died, is an eloquent instance to prove the idea perfectly.

  3. As parent, women are equipped with a specific emotional property which makes them unique. The process of raising children is fraught with a lot of difficulties and hardships and having empathetic attitudes toward children and being patient are two crucial factors in bringing them up. As women are physically much more involved in the child raising process such as in the pregnancy and in the lactation periods, likewise; they are more prepared toward them from the mental point of view.

    • Great job!
      1. As a parent.
      2. “in the pregnancy and in the lactation periods” :arrow: in the pregnancy and lactation periods
      3. You refer to 2 responsibilities of women (pregnancy and lactation) in a comparative mode (women are more involved than men) as examples of more physical involvement, but the point is that men, in the real sense of the word, have NOTHING to do with these specific 2 maternal characteristics.
      3. “periods, likewise; they a” :arrow: Consider a full stop. Likewise, … because the sentence will become too complicated.
      4. The last sentence: 2 pronouns? (Repetition of Key Words).
      5. Prepared toward –> prepared for/to do sth

  4. The view that women are better parents than men has shown itself to be true throughout history. I do not agree to say men are not importance in their child life because in some situations they are most necessary for them. Indeed, women are not violent behavior and they are much more compassionate than men. I believe that women play the key role in raising children in most societies.

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