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IELTS – TOEFL Preparation Course | Session 6

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IELTS – TOEFL Preparation Course | Session 6 Writing Task Topic: Some people think that when recruiting, companies should aim to take on people who are innovative and able to work independently, while others maintain that companies should recruit people who are able to work in a team and follow the instructions. Discuss both views

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18 comments on “IELTS – TOEFL Preparation Course | Session 6”

  1. In today`s challenging world, employers need to collaborate of the various skills that the team brings together. For instance, innovation and creativity can be improved through team involvement because informing is shared amongst the team members. Beside, teamwork can help companies tackle a difficult situation more effectively since each member brings different strengths and ideas to deal with problems. Therefore, in last decade companies should hire interdependent who can come together to perform effectively and get result.

  2. The hiring process is not an easy issue for human resource department in the certain company and they should do this task with accuracy. First, it is clear that creativity and innovation are significant for the success of a company and they should recruitment the people who are innovative. On the other hand, human resource department should consider that teamwork is an important issue. To conclude, I think it’s essential that they recruitment the people who have both advantages.

  3. Recruitment is a critical phase which should be done by considerable attention. On one hand, having independent employees who are able to provide innovative ideas is necessary; on the other hand, we need to have obedient workers who are proficient in teamwork in order to have a cohesive system in the work place. It seems that employers should train and recruit those candidates who are capable of having both of these characteristics.

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