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Improve Speaking by Reading Novels

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Improve Speaking by Reading Novels

Improve Speaking by Reading Novels

ShaPour KhodaParast - LELB SocietyShaPour KhodaParast Presents to you a new way of learning English

? How to improve our speaking by reading a novel

A new idea for learning how to talk practically in English

How to improve our speaking by reading a novel

? It seems a good idea, especially for lazy learners who want to learn English with fun and improve their conversation as easy as they can.

It’s a real the truth that most of the learners don’t spend a lot of time to study and reading nowadays, life has changed a lot and the new generation of learners got into trouble with wasting time to use technology with no specific goals and it’s not a good thing.

So, in my belief, first we have to know our generation’s needs than using new and practical ideas to help and motivate them as the easiest way we can do.

So I think this is one of the easiest ways of learning. as you read a book you would learn how to get improve your conversation.

? Let me show you how we can use this idea.

As we know most of the books have been written academically and literally. So it seems to be weird how we can improve our conversation from reading a book. because we know with reading a book we get to know more grammar rules and some new words.

So what’s this the method, and how we can use it to learn speaking like native speakers.

First, you have to choose an original novel book, it’s better an American original novel book even you can look for a criminal or detective story, it’s up to you.

But for the first time, listen to me and use one of the original novel books.

I know some of you now tell yourself,” who has time to read completely a novel book”.

But it’s not supposed to read all the pages and take spent a lot of time on the whole book.

So what we have to do!?

? Let me show you what I have done with myself.

First, I selected a novel book, an original novel book of course. So I got started to read it.

Forever, it was the novel book that I selected, written by Judy Blume printed in the U.S.A 1975.

I have to mention this is not an educational book for learning with different levels, it’s a real book which native people of United States read, as you select and read a book in your language.

I think you can find this book from the internet, anyhow I have had this one in my bookshelf.

So get started to read it, no need to understand all the words you read because of the time and the problems that have a new generation.

Just focus on one or two pages with care when you’re reading.

the starting page of every story has a lot of explanation so you can pass the starter section and come into the main story with a lot of sentences that completely are practical and daily conversational that we would like to learn and use it in our daily conversation as a native English speaker.

? Let’s read a bit with me:

Erica and I decided to go to her new year’s party at the last minute for two reasons — one because that’s she invited us, and, two, we had nothing better to do.

It turned out to be a fondue party. There were maybe twenty of us sitting on the floor around a low table in Sybil’s family room. On the table were a couple of big pots of steaming liquid Swiss cheese and baskets of bread chunks.

Each of us had a long two-pronged fork, to spear the bread, then dip it into the cheese, it tasted pretty good. I had gotten about two bites when this guy said, “You’ve got some on your chin.”

He was on Erica’s other side, sort of leaning across her. “You want me to wipe it off?” He held out his napkin.

I couldn’t tell if he was putting me on or what.

So I told him, “I can wipe my own chin,” and tried to swallow the bread that was still in my mouth.

“I’m Michael Wagner,” he said.

“So?” I answered, and Erica shot me a look.

She introduced herself to Michael then tapped me on the head and said, “This idiot is my friend, Katherine, don’t mind her … she’s a little strange.”

“I noticed,” Michael said.

He wore glasses, had a lot of reddish-blond hair and a small mole on his left cheek. For some crazy reason, I thought about touching it.

Now I try to get some new words if I would love to know what it means and look for it from a dictionary.

Or you can focus on the sentences that were interesting to you.

for example:

-Erica and I decided to go to a party.

-Erica and I decided to go to a party at the last minute.

-Erica and I decided to go to a party at the last minute for two reasons.

And you can change it as you like to use for your own:

+ I decided to go to a party at the last minute.

+ I decided to go to a party at the last minute for two reasons.

Let’s have a look at the other practical sentence from the rest of the text:

– we had nothing better to do.

– It tasted pretty good.

– “You’ve got some on your chin.”

– “You want me to wipe it off?”

– “I can wipe my own chin,”

– tried to swallow the bread that was still in my mouth.

– Erica shot me a look.

– then tapped me on the head

– This idiot is my friend

– Don’t mind her

– For some crazy reason

And nice words of course, for example:

– fondue party

– baskets of bread chunks

– chunk

– long two-pronged fork

– pronged fork

– prong

– dip it into the cheese

– mole on his left cheek

– mole

So now you can play with words and sentences you have found interesting in the text, for example:

+ I decided to go to a party at the last minute for one reason.

+ I had nothing better to do.

+ you’ve got some on your chin, would you like to wipe it off?

+ I shot him a look and told, “I can wipe my own chin “

+ you’ve got some on the corner of your lips, wanna me to wipe it off?

+ you’ve got some on the corner of your nice lips, you want me to wipe it off?

+ This idiot is my friend, Don’t mind her.

? It’s no need to work on it much, just read some paragraphs and try to find something you have been liked to say and you didn’t know before how to tell it as a native speaker says.

It will be exciting the way of speaking like a native first, and then so the practical sentences that can’t find anywhere.

in this method, no need to read all of the pages but after a while, you feel you have improved in talking and so eager to get back to the text and read the whole of it again.

and this is so important to be on the right track of speaking like a native on your own. So I’ve used this method a lot for progress and improving myself and I still use it.

? Pay attention to the simple sentences in the above text and try to understand what it means in your language, for example, when Michael introduced him to Katherine, she answered, “So?”.

This is situational that you can use “So?” and it doesn’t mean like a usual the way we regularly use this.

with a lot of attention to the sentences in the text, step by step you would learn to talk in a good way and understand the situation you can use these words in your real life, and it’s worth to get know how to use correctly situational words.

The more your attention, you’ll learn more, it’s just like a bodybuilding exercise when you go to a gym for the first time, you would get a lot of pain and after a while, it will be changed and turned to a good mood.

I have so many ideas yet about it that can help you much, I try to write it down all for you shortly and share it with the readers.

With Best Wishes for all learners

ShaPour KhodaParast

23 October 2019

odentall@gmail.com or sh_khodaparast@yahoo.com

P.S: It’s important to mention that this is a method for adult readers and I don’t know yet it’s working for other ages.

Original book cover of “Forever…”

The Novel Forever

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