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Insurance | A Presentation in English

Published on December 29th, 2016 | Last updated on August 20th, 2022 by | Category: English Presentations to Practice Speaking | No Comments on Insurance | A Presentation in English | 98 Views | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Insurance | A Presentation in English

Insurance | A Presentation in English

LELB Lecturer: Fatemeh

Listen to this presentation.

Questions about the Presentation:

  1. What is meant by insuring yourself or your properties?
  2. Why should people insure themselves and their properties?
  3. What is its significance in the society?
  4. Discuss the 3 main advantages of insuring yourself and your properties..
  5. How can you handle your stress with the help of insurance?
  6. How can it serve the society from a broad point of view?
  7. Do you think some particular people are more willing to insure their properties in comparison to others?
  8. How is it beneficial in decreasing inflation in the society?
  9. What is inflation?

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