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Jingoism GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Jingoism GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/ˈdʒɪŋ.gəʊ.ɪ.zəm/ (noun)


extreme patriotism or nationalism with belligerent support of one’s country in hostility against other countries, xenophobia, antagonism, hostility, chauvinism, belligerence, antipathy, militarism


Jingoism is nationalism in the form of aggressive and proactive foreign policy, such as a country’s advocacy for the use of threats or actual force, as opposed to peaceful relations, in efforts to safeguard what it perceives as its national interests. Colloquially, jingoism is excessive bias in judging one’s own country as superior to others – an extreme type of nationalism.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/

Parts of speech

Noun: jingoist: chauvinist, xenophobe, bigot, patriot

Adjective: jingoistic

Adverb: jingoistically

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