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Lilliputian in Visual Dictionary & Thesaurus in Real Context

Definition of Lilliputian in visual dictionary and thesaurus with real examples and synonyms for advanced learners of English and GRE candidates from 601 Words You Need to Know

/ˌlɪl.ɪˈpjuː.ʃən/ (adj & noun)

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Adjective: extremely small, infinitesimal, elfin, puny, tiny, teeny, bagatelle, petty, diminutive, minute, minuscule, trivial

Noun: a small person or thing


The Lilliputians are a society of people around six inches in average height, but with all the arrogance and sense of self-importance associated with full-sized men. Typically greedy, jealous, manipulative, conniving, violent, selfish, and untrustworthy; they are, in all ways, an accurate portrayal of their “giant” counterparts. They live on the island of Lilliput, located on the Indian Ocean.

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gigantic, colossal, huge, massive, Brobdingnagian

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