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Luck – IELTS Speaking Practice

Luck – IELTS Speaking practice

LuckIELTS Speaking Practice

Argue for/against: 

Please take an either positive or negative position to the statement below. You cannot be neutral. If all students have the same idea, the teacher will play devil’s advocate to have a heated argument.

 You can build your own luck.

Call for Feedback:

Please help us to improve the quality of this class and our online community (LELB Society) by expressing your precious ideas about this question:

In our classes, you have been creating the main content of the course by making questions in the Round Table activity and replying to your classmates’ comments. What is your idea about the impact of this Content-based Instruction (CBI) approach on your experience in learning English online? In simple words, how has CBI influenced your language learning?

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83 comments on “Luck – IELTS Speaking Practice”

  1. Hi.I’m Bahereh.I have already called you by skype and you helped me about your site and class on last Tuesday..I’m from in Sydney.Do you remember me?

  2. 15. I think it depends on everyone definition of luck.In my opinion, there isn’t anything or eny event coincidentally and with out wisdom.
    If we interpret luck as opportunities that God gives to everyone,I daresay it.

    • Welcome back, dear Hajar! :-D
      Quite an action-oriented approach! I liked this way of looking at life.
      belive :arrow: believe
      It’s not a question. You could put it as a REPLY.
      I consider a day to be bad luck if I don’t do anything positive/constructive on that.

  3. 9- Does the luck transfer from one person to another? To communicate with lucky person make you more lucky. Do you agree with that?

    • Such an intriguing idea! 🎯
      I think it’s better to put it in this way: Is luck contagious? or Is luck transmitted from one person to another?

    • luck happened at a moment without human control and this fortune or unfortunate could has good or bad effect in life. I mean the impact of luck in life may be continued … I believe what predictable is attempt … assume two winner that one of them win with hard effort and another one only by chance. Which can be predicted?

      • Corrections:
        Capitalize the first letter of each sentence.
        Luck happens at a moment
        this fortune or lack of fortune
        could have good or bad effects
        the impact of luck on life
        two winners that one of them wins
        which one can be predicted?

    • Luck is very complicated issue, it’s very hard to define it and most of the time it is confused with destiny. For some people there is no such thing as luck but others have strong believe in it. In my view, the events and occurrences of the world can be divided into two broad groups: group one are those things which are out of our control and are determined in advanced and are unpredictable and group two includes happenings which are predictable and under our control. Group one’s events whatever name it as luck or destiny, should be accepted whether they are pleasant or horrible; since they are the acts of our God and definitely he better knows what is the best for every human beings. But group two’s events are the things which make us as manager of our life. In fact we are provider and creator of such events. People with their hard workings and responsibilities can achieve whatever they desire and it shows that it is human’s endeavors not their luck which determine their happiness and it is such condition that people can predict a lot of lucky happenings for themselves.

      • Thank you for your thorough reply! 👌
        Some corrections: 👀
        Luck is “a” very complicated issue.
        it’s very hard to understand (omit “it”)
        others have strong beliefs / faith in it.
        he with reference to God :arrow: He.

    • Hope is a positive desire and thought to achieve goals and wishes that is mental ability and associated with emotions but luck is an event that is part of destiny or fate recognizing as unpredictable favor that is beyond of our control to achieve hopes.

      • Such a fair and comprehensive reply! Thank you. :idea:
        As a matter of fact, I look at the same issue from another perspective. I contend that hope can lead to positive and constructive luck, if and only if it is supplemented with taking necessary actions incessantly. There are many other factors involved, such as a supportive environment. However, your attitude to life does genuinely matter.
        The other point is that if your subconscious mind conceives that you are lucky, in reality YOU ARE. In order to convince your subconscious mind that you are lucky, you need to look on the bright side, take necessary actions, be optimistic, socialize with positive people, and have faith in yourself.
        In short, I believe that luck doesn’t have any external reality. What it has is something that is technically referred to as ‘psychological reality’.

    • In my point of view, there is not merit to believe in luck. Because, it will be like obstacle in your life. Believe in luck will decrease your ambitious and is in contrast with hard working. Thus, if we accept this fact that our destiny is just based on or decision, I think we can have happy life.

      • Thank you. 8-)
        It’s better to say: from my point of view
        there is no merit to believe in luck, because …
        it will be like ‘an’ obstacle
        Believing in luck will …
        ambitious ==> ambition
        based on or decision ==> based on our decision
        we can have a happy life.

    • From my point of view,if people who want to make a progress in their life face with some difficulties and hardships in their way which doesnt let them achieve what they have expected,they probably will shift a blame to luck or things that has brought them bad luck.

      • Thank you for the reply. We will discuss the points in the class.
        make a progress :arrow: make progress

    • I can’t get the point of this question. luck itself is as accident that we call it destiny therefore there isn’t any real event to compare with luck.
      I wish we were able to use sticker too!

      • :?: You are right. Luck and accidental events seem to be interchangeable or semantically synonymous. So I’d like to request more clarification from the poser of the question. Thanks in advance.

      • :cry: And about using stickers or emoticons, I just searched for that online, but unfortunately, this awesome comment form does not allow for any stickers, smileys or emoticons. Thanks for raising the point, though.
        I personally use this table on the following page to use some emoticons:

      • I think luck is seen as some thing which always happens in positive ways and brings happiness and has no negative effects (for whom that believe in luck). But the things which happen accidentally may have either positive or negative effects.

        • With all my respect to your idea, I guess the sheer concept of ‘luck’ is quite neutral. That is to say, a person could be both lucky and unlucky at the same time. :-?
          some thing ==> something
          for whom that believe in luck ==> for those who believe in luck (I think it’s better.)

    • I personally surmise that luck is simply nothing more than the confluence of your preparations and available opportunities.

      • 👓
        Interesting simile!
        Capitalize the first word of each sentence.
        accident :arrow: accidents
        in this way :arrow: on this way

    • I don’t believe in luck. There is no such a thing as good or bad luck. Luck is just Superstition and Superstition is based on beliefs, not facts. Some events maybe coincidentally had been occurred in past and people had elicited them and conveyed them from mouth to mouth without realizing any rational reason linking the events with each other.

    • No, I do not. Since, luck is consequence of some happens which are out of our control. In other words, our luck is based on others actions. For instance, when you have gain in stock market and your shares’ price go up suddenly, its not because of your luck, whereas its because of other investors decision and mistakes. So, its obvious that there is not any luck in world; its just illusions of mankind.

      • Thanks for your reply. :neutral:
        No, I don’t, since luck is the consequence of some happenings which are…
        based on other actions
        you have a gain in the stock market and your shares price/cost goes up
        its not ==> it’s not
        whereas its ==> Instead, it’s because of
        investors decision ==> investors’ decisions

    • I think luck and life are stick together. our existence is based on chance and many other things after that. for example: the place where we born, the family where we born, …

      • 🎓
        Right. You are talking about some indispensable forces, such as place and date of our birth, etc., but I think our destiny is not merely restricted to these forces. According to Bill Gates, “if you are born poor, it’s not your fault, yet if you die poor, it’s definitely your fault.”
        life and luck stick together
        Capitalize the first work of each sentence.
        the place where we are born

      • i think meny things depended to our thoght and environment and other things could help us about 10 percent
        Join the discussion

    • I believe in luck! Аnd I think that you just need to listen to yourself and then the luck will inevitably overtake you. There are people who are absolutely always lucky. Some people must put a lot of effort to achieve something, but others do nothing to achieve the same. But I think that the main thing in the life not only to meet a luck but use correctly the chance which this luck gives you

      • Welcome back! :grin: ✍️
        A luck or the luck??
        the main thing in the life :arrow: in life
        the main thing in life “is” not only …


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