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Mentor 1100 Words You Need Week 40 Day 1

Mentor 1100 Words You Need Week 40 Day 1

Mentor 1100 Words You Need Week 40 Day 1

/ˈmen.tɔːʳ/ (noun)

experienced supporter and adviser, coach, trainer, trusted adviser, counselor, guide, guru, confidant, confidante, consultant, tutor, teacher

I believe in having a mentor and mentoring someone. My belief in mentoring was further solidified through a conversation that I once had with a highly successful entrepreneur many years ago. I ran into her at a conference and she gave me some excellent advice for networking, self-branding and how to grow professionally. She told me some apt stories that made me realise the undisputed power of mentoring and why everyone needs a mentor in life or at work.

“I have a mentor. No one is too good or too successful to have a mentor. You are never too old, clever or experienced to have a mentor. Most successful people have mentors,” she said. Fascinated, I listened attentively as she proceeded to tell me that some of the biggest names in business have always had mentors and taken advice and guidance from their mentors. “For instance, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg etc., all have had mentors and still have them. You would be amazed that most successful people have probably been mentored at some point in their lives”.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/

Antonym: pupil, apprentice

Noun: mentorship, mentoring

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