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Reading Strategies Before During and After Reading

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Reading strategies before during and after reading

Reading comprehension requires you to think critically about the information and ideas. Sometimes, while reading, you have to read the same sentences several times without gaining any meaning from them. So, it is needed to return to earlier steps for finding out the intended meaning. Accordingly, there are some effective strategies to use before, during, and after reading to get the most from the text.

Reading strategies before reading

In this step, you should get ready to read through warming up yourself before beginning reading by thinking about what you already know about the topic and determine your purpose for reading. Then, preview the text by skimming the headings, graphics, and other features. So, you make predictions about what the passage contains and what the text will discuss.

Reading strategies during reading

As you read, you understand the writer’s main idea about the topic. Look for the organization of text and find support for the writer’s point of view. You might see some pattern of text such as cause-and-effect, importance, comparison-contrast, problem-solution, chronological order or sequence, and spatial clues. Then, connect the ideas to your own experiences and previous knowledge. If you get confused, slow down and review the hints.

Reading strategies after reading

 The reading process does not finish when you reach “The End” of the text. It is better to extend your understanding of the text. Therefore, you can write a conclusion about what you have read and use it whenever needed.

Regression after reading

It is recommended that you not practice regression while reading. That is to say, try to minimize the times you go back to locate some specific words or phrases when you are done with reading. Regression slows down your reading speed. What’s more, bear in mind that regression while reading could become your permanent reading style, which can negatively impact upon speed reading.

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