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Gist 1100 Words You Need Week 26 Day 4

Gist 1100 Words You Need

Gist 1100 Words You Need Week 26 Day 4

/’dʒɪst/ (noun)

the essential point or meaning of something, essence, grounds for legal action, nucleus, core, idea, kernel, general picture, sense, meaning

People can recognize the meaning of a scene, or the “gist,” during their first eye fixation on that scene; for example, they can recognize that it is a beach, a dining room, or a street. Our own research has shown that viewers can recognize the gist of a scene at over 80% accuracy after as little as 36 milliseconds of uninterrupted processing time. This raises a few questions: how are we able to recognize images so rapidly, and what information do we use to recognize them? Answering these questions is important for our understanding of scene perception, because research has shown that the gist of a scene uses our prior knowledge associated with the scene’s category (e.g., that beaches have water, sand, palm trees, and possibly sunbathers). This knowledge strongly influences where we pay attention, may help us recognizing objects in the scene, and plays a big role in determining what information we remember from a scene. At its core, research on scene gist recognition explores the interface between perception and cognition—a problem that has proved extremely challenging to workers in both cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence. Such research can be applied to designing artificial intelligence systems capable of recognizing the categories of scenes.

Source: https://www.k-state.edu/

Farsi: جان کلام ، ملخص ، لب کلام ، نکته مهم ، مطلب عمده ، مراد

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