The Raven and the Swan Best English Tales

The Raven and the Swan is one of Aesop’s fables and tales to learn vocabulary in context with images. Study this English fable and listen to the text by selecting any part of the story. Practice listening and reading comprehension and improve your advanced vocabulary in authentic context at the same time. Source of story:

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    • Hi Armaghan.
      Literally, altar means a raised ceremonial structure like a table to perform some religious ceremonies, especially in Christianity. However, here in this context, altar figuratively means the raven’s main business and perhaps his family. In other words, he said farewell to all his belongings and set off for the designated pools and lakes.

    • Precisely, this is the central theme of this short story. We’re not supposed to close our eyes to our genuine essence, striving to emulate or copy others blindly. Instead, we need to flourish our innate potentials, and get inspired by others as well.

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