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Topic Sentence Features of Your Essay

Topic sentence in each paragraph reflects the central idea of the essay. Therefore, it is an integral part of any essay. In other words, the writer should clarify his/her main point that is intended to be made in the topic sentence. In other words, the topic sentence of each paragraph gives organization to its elements.

It is generally, but not always, located at the beginning of each paragraph. The impact and function of the topic sentence in each paragraph is likened to that of a in a or a long piece of writing.

The topic sentence must be both inclusive and exclusive at the same time. That is to say, it should reflect the central idea of the paragraph. However, it should also exclude or keep out any impertinent point in response to the central message of the paragraph.

A topic sentence cannot be a piece of fact as factual points cannot be argued for or against. To write an effective essay based on unity and logic, it is recommended that you first develop the topic sentence of the of the essay, especially when the essay is an argumentative one.

In an essay of more than one paragraph, the topic sentence of the introductory paragraph plays a key role in the organization of the entire essay. In this case, the points that are made in the topic sentence of the introductory paragraph are to be supported and elaborated on in the supporting paragraphs.

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