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Vociferous Definition in Context with Image

Vociferous definition in real context and short passages with images for deep learning to improve your reading skills and advanced vocabulary with illustrations and text-to-speech. Learn the word, vociferous, in authentic examples.

/vəˈsɪf.ər.əs/ (adj)

Vociferous definition

(of people) shouting and yelling repeatedly and noisily especially to show complaints, loud, voluble, clamorous, raucous


I’ve lived next to neighbours whose dogs bark all day long, the awareness an animal is in distress outweighing the aggravation of neglectful owners and the cranium-splitting predictability of persistent barking. I’ve heard vociferous fights and complaints from units below, terrifying domestics, annoying laughs, squealing teens, unmonitored car alarms and excruciating leaf blowers.

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Parts of speech

Adverb: vociferously

Noun: vociferousness

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