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Wane 1100 Words You Need Week 29 Day 4

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Wane 1100 Words You Need

Wane 1100 Words You Need Week 29 Day 4 with authentic materials, illustrated flashcards and text-to-speech for GRE, TOEFL & IELTS

/weɪn/ (noun & verb)

to weaken or become less, (of the moon) show less lighted area, get smaller or less, decrease, reduce, diminish, decline, fade, disappear, vanish

As the moon shrinks in the sky from one night to the next, you observe what is called a waning moon. The moon appears to get smaller, but it’s really all in how we see it.
The Moon Gets Smaller
You have surely noticed during your time on Earth that the moon doesn’t always look the same. Sometimes you can see it in the middle of the day in a cloudless blue sky. Some nights it is large, round, bright, and illuminates everything. Sometimes the moon is just a sliver of a crescent, and other times you can’t see it at all.

These changes in the appearance of the moon can be explained by the lunar cycle. The way we see the moon changes throughout the cycle because the moon’s position relative to the earth and sun changes. When the appearance of the moon is getting smaller every night, we call it a waning moon.

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Antonym: wax, magnify, increase, expand

Noun: on the wane

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