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Old Buildings | An IELTS Essay Sample

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Old Buildings | An IELTS Essay Sample

Old Buildings | An IELTS Essay Sample

? Topic:

Many old buildings protected by law are part of a nation’s history. Some people think they should be knocked down and replaced by new ones.

How important is it to maintain old buildings?

Should history stand in the way of progress?

? The Essay Written by LELB Students

Throughout the history, different kinds of events and incidents happen and people from different culture and background become aware of them by studying the historical texts. One special kind of being aware of such historical events is through visiting ancient buildings and the historical monuments. By saving the ancient buildings and structures, not only people could find a place to have some fun together, but also they can accumulate some historical information. As a matter of fact, saving the historical structures and monuments itself is the best way of developing the tourist industry of each country which can bring lots of improvement and progression to that country.

Historical buildings are like identifications of a nation. However, some believe those structures had better get demolished and replaced by new ones for the sake of modernization. I personally disagree with this statement and the historical places should be protected seriously.
On one hand, ancient structures could record the history and culture of a nation and it is so crucial for the new generation to understand about the deeds of their ancestors. Moreover, old structures could be a tourist attraction and it could improve the economical situation of a country.

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