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Best Documentary on Ancient Greece for ESL Students

English documentary on Ancient Greece for ESL students with transcript to improve your listening comprehension and enrich your vocabulary in real context. With our installed text-to-speech functionality, you can perfectly listen to any selected text on-demand.

Source of documentary: National Geographic YouTube channel

Listening comprehension on Ancient Greece

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Reading comprehension on Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece at a glance

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Documentary on ancient Greece – Greek civilication

Art, philosophy, democracy, and heroes. These are just a few achievements of the legendary civilization known as ancient Greece. Ancient Greece was born on the shores of the Aegean Sea about 4,000 years ago.
In over a millennium, it expanded to lands as far west as Spain and as far east as India. Throughout this age of empire, the ancient Greeks made political, militaristic, and cultural achievements that resonated long after their empire fell.

Political system of ancient Greece

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Documentary on ancient Greece – political system in ancient Greece

Part of the ancient Greeks’ legacy involved politics, one of which was the political system of Greece itself. Unlike many nations that were under unified rule, Greece was a collection of over 1,500 territories that acted as sovereign nations. Called city-states, these territories had their own rulers and sometimes fought each other. Another political development was the institution of the first large-scale democracy. Developed in the city-state of Athens, democratic rule was a way to give the Greek people representation and political power.

Military power of ancient Greece

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Military power of ancient Greece

The Greeks also earned a strong reputation for their military. The military helped expand the Greek Empire by establishing colonies overseas, and it protected Greece itself from foreign invaders like the Persian Empire. When such a threat occurred, city-states united to defend their homeland. Many Greeks, particularly in Sparta, took immense pride in their military and regarded their soldiers as heroes. Their heroism was often turned into legend thanks to literary works like “The Iliad.” War heroes also inspired the creation of the Olympics, which celebrated physical competition.

Cultural influence

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Cultural beliefs in ancient Greece

Of all aspects of ancient Greek civilization, their cultural contributions left a considerable mark on the western world, particularly noteworthy were the ancient Greeks’ art and architecture. They created incredible sculptural works, such as standing figures and reliefs. Plus, they developed three types of columns and incorporated them to structures like the Parthenon. This artistry was imitated by other civilizations and spread throughout the globe for thousands of years.

Philosophy in ancient Greece

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Philosophy in ancient Greece

How the Greeks interpreted the world was also reflected in other cultures. Greek religion, which was comprised of many anthropomorphic deities, helped shape the spiritual beliefs of the Etruscans and, later, the ancient Romans. Greek philosophy, which explored matters of reason, ethics, and natural law influenced later civilizations’ achievements and politics and science.

Linguistic influence of ancient Greece

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The influence of ancient Greek language

Greek language made quite an impact as well. Ancient Greek, at about 3,400 years old, provided the basis of many modern languages. The English language alone has thousands of words with Greek roots. Ancient Greece’s artistry, regard for heroes, and democratic rule left a considerable impression on world history. With contributions that lasted for millennia, the civilization of ancient Greece is nothing short of legendary.

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  1. Really a fascinating advanced and great civilization deserved to be praised and looked with honor. Surely there were too many deep thinkers and great intellects among them. Reaching to such admirable level of civilization could not be achieved without deep knowledge, wisdom and more than that unity of politicians and elite intellects. How lucky were be the Greeks at that time.

    • I agree. Studying the history of some great ancient civilizations, such as Greece, Egypt, Rome, etc. makes us wonder how advanced these people and their nations were even millennia ago.

  2. How fascinating ancient Greeks were. I wonder how did they achieve this amount of knowledge such as art, sculpture, philosophy, architecture and science .

    • That’s right. For the first time, democracy was established and practiced in ancient Greece some millennia ago.

      I wonder how they achieved this amount of knowledge … (noun phrase as object)


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