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Best Documentary on Ancient Greece for ESL Students

Last updated on February 24, 2023 by in English Documentaries with Transcript Category with 6 Comments on Best Documentary on Ancient Greece for ESL Students, 96 Views and Reading Time: 5 minutes
English documentary on Ancient Greece for ESL students with transcript to improve your listening comprehension and enrich your vocabulary in real context. With our installed text-to-speech functionality, you can perfectly listen to any selected text on-demand. Source of documentary: National Geographic YouTube channel Listening comprehension on Ancient Greece If you cannot see the documentary below, click

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6 comments on “Best Documentary on Ancient Greece for ESL Students”

  1. Really a fascinating advanced and great civilization deserved to be praised and looked with honor. Surely there were too many deep thinkers and great intellects among them. Reaching to such admirable level of civilization could not be achieved without deep knowledge, wisdom and more than that unity of politicians and elite intellects. How lucky were be the Greeks at that time.

    • I agree. Studying the history of some great ancient civilizations, such as Greece, Egypt, Rome, etc. makes us wonder how advanced these people and their nations were even millennia ago.

    • That’s right. For the first time, democracy was established and practiced in ancient Greece some millennia ago.

      I wonder how they achieved this amount of knowledge … (noun phrase as object)

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