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Ancient Rome Facts – English Documentary

Last updated on July 22, 2022 by in English Documentaries with Transcript Category with 8 Comments on Ancient Rome Facts – English Documentary, 88 Views and Reading Time: 7 minutes
An English documentary about the ancient Rome facts with a video + full video transcript to practice listening and reading comprehension at the same time. You can also learn advanced vocabulary in real context about the ancient Rome facts. Source of documentary: National Geographic YouTube channel Listening comprehension on Ancient Rome facts Watch this video

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8 comments on “Ancient Rome Facts – English Documentary”

  1. It is so fascinating. I really like the paintings, statues and the historical places from that time they are marvelous. I wish I could live a period of time there to see how it actually was.

  2. Ancient civilizations are fantastic and somehow mysterious. How they reached to such level of knowledge that can attract our attention to their architecture and monuments. One of the most interesting civilization is the ancient Rome. The Rome had so many eye capturing features. Those building e.g. Coliseum how they build it and how they managed to held such amazing ceremonies within it . The rise of ancient Rome cevilization and the deep effects that this ancient Rome had on other parts of world is the matter of much debates. We clearly see that European languages and more than that the language of today science have deeply rooted in ancient Rome language. I only can say that it was a really admirable civilization that like all magnificent things in the world may have some dark shadows. It was inevitable that through ages might be some dictatorships in Rome or some cultural and ritual ceremonies like fighting between gladiators that we look at them suspiciously and give them negative marks.
    But overall their score in the history is great.

    • Thank you so much for this elaborate comment.
      * mysterious
      * reach to = reach / reach for (as a verb)
      * one of the most interesting civilizations (plural)
      * ancient Rome (without the)
      * The Rome = Rome
      * eye capturing = eye-catching
      * manage to held = manage to hold
      * a matter of much debate (singular)

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