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Adulterate GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

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Adulterate GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/əˈdʌl.tə.reɪt/ (verb)

to make something impure, spoil, degrade, debase, pollute, weaken, infect, contaminate, ruin, taint, corrupt

Adulteration or contamination of natural food products is one of the major challenges in today’s society. Despite various actions and penalties, the practice of adding adulterant is quite common in some countries. There are various methods used for adulterating natural products.

Here, in this topic, let us learn what exactly adulteration is? What are the different types of adulterants added to the grains, veggies and other food products?

Source: https://byjus.com/

Antonym: purify

Noun: adulteration

Adjective: adulterated

Noun: adulterator

Noun: adulterant

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