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All-in-one Class 32: Immigration

Round Table:

  1. At what cost do Iranians immigrate to other countries? (Sam)
    • Reply from Hossein Hariri: Laughter-therapy, useful technique!
  2. If a situation does not permit Iranians to achieve their desired aim satisfactorily, will they back to their homeland, by any chance? (Sam)
    • Reply from Hossein Hariri: will they be/get/come back …
  3. Is local culture threatened by immigration? (Sima)
    • Reply from Sam: Is a …
  4. what troubles you need to struggle with, as a refugee, in your destination country, to be successful?? (Taraneh)
    • Reply from Hossein Hariri: The same mistake again and again: Inversion: What troubles DO you need to struggle with… What should be capitalized.
  5. What is the difference between ‘brain drain’ and ‘immigration’? (Hossein Hariri)
  6. What is the difference between ‘immigration’ and ’emigration’? (Hossein Hariri)

Read with Your Ears:

  • Listen to this audio file that is played to you carefully and try to answer the questions listed below. Notice that taking notes can help you so much to remember facts and details.
  • Lecturer: Anthony Robbins
  • Audio File Name: Finding the Right Approach to Success
  • Questions:
  1. What is the main subject of the lecture?
  2. Can you guess the meaning of incantation as stated in the speech?
  3. Whom did Mr. Robbins mention as a perfect example of perseverance?
  4. In his delivery, Mr. Robbins talked about how we helped our babies (young children) so that they can walk by themselves. How is this related to the theme of the speech?

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