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Appearance – IELTS Speaking Practice

appearanceAppearance – IELTS Speaking Practice

Appearance – IELTS Speaking Practice

Related Idioms and Expressions:

  1. Dressed to kill: To make a great impression on others by the way you get dressed in social events
  2. Dressed up to the nines: Wearing smart and glamorous clothes
  3. Keep up appearance: To keep yourself calm and happy despite serious problems
  4. Not have a hair out of place: To have a very neat appearance

Argue for/against: 

Please take an either positive or negative position to the statement below. You cannot be neutral. If all students have the same idea, the teacher will play devil’s advocate to have a heated argument.

Your appearance does show your personality.

Photo Scanning:

Please examine the photo below and try to come up with as many reasons as you can in support of the following statement:

Neat appearance has positive effects on the success of this businessman.

neat appearance

Call for Feedback:

Please help us to improve the quality of this class and our online community (LELB Society) by expressing your precious ideas about this question:

  1. In our classes, we have been trying to increase the level of interactivity between the teacher and the students and specifically among the students. Do you have any suggestion(s) that can help us even more to achieve this objective?

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32 comments on “Appearance – IELTS Speaking Practice”

    • paying much attention to appearance is one thing which is happening in our society. The number of people who go through beauty surgery is much more in comparison to other countries and the number is growing each year. In my idea, such people have wrong thoughts about personality and appearance. Some of them say that by conducting beauty surgery their level of confidence will be increased. some others are seeking for prestige and respect. Except for some special cases, most of them are not in need of doing it. They can find confidence or respect by just being a useful person; for example by improving a special skill; but unfortunately they usually choose the easiest one. There is expectation that by teaching and training we can make some alternation in people’s perspective.

    • I think there is a hollow in some people’s character that they feel it could be fill with some acts like cosmetic surgery. In my opinion for this kind of people there is no boundry of self satisfaction and they will not get consent with them selves

    • in my opinion be decent is very important for everyone and all of us should pay attention to our appearance in a middle level, no superfluousness and no Wastage is needed. be in polite way is more important than any extra make up that we can see in this days.

      • Thanks for your reply.
        Here are some corrections:
        in my opinion ==> In my opinion
        be decent ==> being decent
        Wastage ==> wastage (of what?)
        be in polite way ==> Being in a polite way
        make up ==> makeup
        this days ==> these days

    • In my point of view, we should adequately pay attention to our appearance because our appearances is undoubtedly an aspect of personality. Let’s face it, the vast majority of society is influenced by our appearance so having at least a conventional look is what we should care about it. But concentrating too much on appearance is kind of wasting time and resource.

      • Great point, thanks a lot.
        having at least a conventional look is what we should care about it ==> ‘it’ should be omitted.

    • In my opinion, personality and appearance can have mutual effects on each other. For example disciplined people most of the time wear clothes which are very clean and tidy. In addition, we can to some extent guess the jobs of people with their style of wearing and their general appearance.

    • Definitely, appearance matters. at first, we mostly are judged by our appearances and later on our personality. Personality is influenced by not manner but also look has an outstanding role. Anyway appearance isn’t well enough to get a real cognition but it has high impact to increase one’s charisma and get more admirable in the society.

      • Thank you for your reply.
        at first –> At first
        we are mostly/mainly judged by
        personality is influenced by not only manner but also …
        look that has an outstanding role
        outstanding role in what?
        appearance isn’t good enough to …
        get more admiration


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