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Atonement – English Vocabulary in Context

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Definition of atonement in real context with illustrations for English learners to improve your vocabulary

/əˈtəʊn.mənt/ (noun)


compensation or reparation for an injury, offence or wrongdoing, penitence, apology, recompense, amends, penance – (theology) reconciliation of God and mankind through the death of Jesus Christ


The Community Service program allows convicted offenders to be placed in nonprofit agencies to serve a specific number of hours performing work or services within a given time frame as atonement for their offences or crimes. This is a sentencing option/condition of probation may be used as an alternative to a jail sentence or fines and costs to be imposed.

Source: https://www.chippewacountymi.gov/

Parts of speech

Verb: atone for sth

Noun: atoner

Adjective: atonable

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