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Brine Definition in Context with Images Visual Dictionary

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Brine definition in context with images and with real examples

/braɪn/ (noun & verb)

Brine definition

  1. salt water that is used to preserve food
  2. sea water, saline

Video of brine

Brine in context

Sometimes environmental protection is a factor that that can keep desalination plants from being built. In 2022, after a 20-year plan to build a desalination plant at Huntington Beach in California, the California Coastal Commission declined the bid to build the plant due to concerns about higher water rates, marine life loss, and impacts to poor households already living near industrial areas. Residents in the area did not like that the plant would have taken 100 million daily gallons of seawater, desalted half of it, and discharged the other half back as saltier brine.

Source of context: https://www.usgs.gov/

Parts of speech

Noun: briner

Adjective: brinish

Adjective: briny

Verb: brine

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